Mixed-Level Yoga Classes ​​


The Sarasota Center of Light
Flexer Hall
852 South Tuttle Avenue
(northwest corner of Tuttle
Avenue and Browning St)
Sarasota, FL 34237

Ongoing Yoga Class Schedule

Mondays 9:30 to 10:30 am
Tuesdays 6 to 7 pm
Thursdays 6 to 7 pm

​​Class packages

$120 for 10 classes-- BUY HERE
(never expires)

$100 for 10 classes-- BUY HERE
(expires in 10 weeks)

Single classes are $13
Most brand new beginners to yoga do fine joining my ongoing yoga classes. Some brand new beginners schedule one or two private sessions to prepare
themselves to join an ongoing class.

Call me at 941-586-6330 if you have questions or concerns or to schedule a private session.  

Email:  [email protected]

What is Kripalu Yoga?

Kripalu yoga teaches breathing, stretching, and relaxation techniques while emphasizing the practices of being present, listening to your body, and accepting your body as it is today.

During a Kripalu yoga class we pay attention to our bodies and our breath, moment by moment. We make the yoga practice itself a form of meditation.

The many physical benefits of Kripalu yoga include improved strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and relaxation.

Anyone can practice Kripalu yoga. You do not need to be flexible or be in shape to start. Kripalu yoga will make you more flexible and help you to tone your body.

Any style of yoga will give you the benefits of physical strength and flexibility, Kripalu yoga also teaches you to value and accept yourself.