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Beginners Meditation Training
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The many benefits of meditation have been proven by science.  Meditation can make you feel more relaxed, more creative, happier, and more.  This message is everywhere:  in magazine and newspaper articles, in television reports, and by word of mouth.

Millions of people want to learn to meditate.  Many do not know where to begin.  I have taught meditation to thousands of people for over 20 years.  My clients have included CEO's, political leaders (such as the Mayor of Washington, DC), MD's (such as best selling author Dr. Norman Rosenthal) and cultural leaders (such as Naomi Wolf). 

I offer a 3 session Meditation program for Beginners. This program is appropriate for one person, small and large groups, and organizations and teaches everything you need to know to start a meditation practice.  The total cost for the program is $180 for one person sessions.  Call for prices for private sessions for more than one person and for groups.  (Many meditation programs start at $1000 and involve some religious ritual and ceremony.)

Call 941-952-0960 for information and to schedule your sessions.